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Live Flight Updates
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1745Sat 00:05Nashville
St. Louis
Oklahoma City
4431Sat 00:10St. Louis
2803Sat 00:17Detroit
1872Sat 00:22Montreal
1125Sat 00:22Dallas-Ft. Worth
260Sat 00:28Washington-IAD
572Sat 00:30Chicago-Midway
5128Sat 00:35Baltimore
33Sat 00:45Atlanta
London Heathrow
1127Sat 00:50Newark
1180Sat 00:53Chicago-O Hare
9003Sat 00:58Atlanta
4975Sat 01:10Las Vegas
2434Sat 01:54Dallas-Ft. Worth
1254Sat 02:00Chicago-Midway
Salt Lake City
39Sat 02:11Miami
1669Sat 02:50Milwaukee
Las Vegas
730Sat 04:36Aguadilla
2603Sat 04:58Salt Lake City
561Sat 05:05Phoenix
1746Sat 05:08San Diego
802Sat 05:33Salt Lake City
680Sat 05:33Denver
1740Sat 05:36San Francisco
163Sat 05:47Los Angeles
10Sat 05:55Seattle
590Sat 06:02Los Angeles
186Sat 06:22Los Angeles
Shanghai CN
668Sat 06:33Ponce
132Sat 06:41Los Angeles
1680Sat 06:59Las Vegas
1118Sat 07:06San Francisco
569Sat 07:10Phoenix
1910Sat 07:13Vancouver
2479Sat 07:21Seattle
181Sat 07:30Atlanta
6501Sat 07:35Indianapolis
1303Sat 07:40Columbus
6341Sat 07:40Pittsburgh
452Sat 07:40Hartford
2265Sat 07:50Louisville
6114Sat 07:55Newark
9202Sat 08:00Orlando
2254Sat 08:00Manchester
311Sat 08:01Atlantic City
20Sat 08:05Washington-DCA
2609Sat 08:05Islip
3921Sat 08:13Indianapolis
2657Sat 08:13Miami
919Sat 08:18Trenton
2162Sat 08:20Detroit
2661Sat 08:20Birmingham
1086Sat 08:20Buffalo
1308Sat 08:20Baltimore
1632Sat 08:23Los Angeles
196Sat 08:28Sao Paulo
1818Sat 08:28Atlanta
6387Sat 08:30Providence
527Sat 08:31Newark
6173Sat 08:35New Orleans
2710Sat 08:40Nashville
4231Sat 08:40St. Louis
1784Sat 08:41Newark
51Sat 08:42Boston
198Sat 08:47Ft Lauderdale
1860Sat 08:49Toronto
2042Sat 08:50Houston-HOU
6476Sat 09:00Baltimore
1434Sat 09:01San Juan
1895Sat 09:04Westchester
1169Sat 09:05San Juan
4259Sat 09:05Philadelphia
387 Sat 09:09Akron/Canton
2263Sat 09:10San Antonio
1969Sat 09:11Atlanta
1725Sat 09:12Charlotte
1611Sat 09:13Cleveland
2475Sat 09:15Chicago-Midway
2570Sat 09:15Indianapolis
1218Sat 09:15Halifax
1099Sat 09:15New York-LGA
32Sat 09:18Toronto
6300Sat 09:20Milwaukee
246Sat 09:20Toronto
1870Sat 09:29Montreal
2096Sat 09:33Philadelphia
832Sat 09:33Washington-DCA
654Sat 09:34Chicago-O Hare
1424Sat 09:35Detroit
938Sat 09:36Montreal
475Sat 09:37Providence
2701Sat 09:40
2548Sat 09:40Dallas Love Fld
2608Sat 09:40Buffalo
2285Sat 09:40New York-LGA
2255Sat 09:41Dallas-Ft. Worth
1983Sat 09:44New York-JFK
863Sat 09:44Latrobe
6293Sat 09:45Austin
129Sat 09:48New York-LGA
1724Sat 09:50Mexico City
889Sat 09:50Hartford
2782Sat 09:55Chicago-Midway
6358Sat 09:55Baltimore
135Sat 09:58Minneapolis
9201Sat 10:00Orlando
1306Sat 10:00Santo Domingo
1294Sat 10:03Chicago-O Hare
2218Sat 10:05Kansas City
1315Sat 10:07Boston
1788Sat 10:09Newark
2256Sat 10:10Minneapolis
2461Sat 10:15Albany
892Sat 10:16Raleigh/Durham
1262Sat 10:18Ottawa
686Sat 10:19Houston-IAH
2457Sat 10:25Indianapolis
535Sat 10:25Cleveland
5114Sat 10:28Washington-DCA
1883Sat 10:29Atlanta
8500Sat 10:30Dallas Love Fld
1720Sat 10:33St. Louis
2267Sat 10:35St. Louis
2822Sat 10:37New York-JFK
603Sat 10:40Nashville
2614Sat 10:40Columbus
4488Sat 10:40Houston-HOU
195Sat 10:40Miami
379Sat 10:41Washington-IAD
3773Sat 10:45Columbus
589Sat 10:46New York-JFK
3503Sat 10:48Nashville
2242Sat 10:50Dallas Love Fld
2140Sat 10:50Islip
54Sat 10:50Ft Lauderdale
902 Sat 10:52Dallas-Ft. Worth
46Sat 10:55Winnipeg
337Sat 10:55Hartford
3665Sat 10:58Hartford
1728Sat 11:00Philadelphia
6354Sat 11:00Manchester
1793Sat 11:01Cleveland
40Sat 11:03Moncton
5230Sat 11:03Grand Rapids
Sat 11:05Dubai
2495Sat 11:05Atlanta
8189Sat 11:05Gulfport
1333Sat 11:08Chicago-O Hare
2242Sat 11:08Washington-DCA
1009Sat 11:15Dallas-Ft. Worth
151Sat 11:17Boston
5829Sat 11:22Louisville
1910Sat 11:24Minneapolis
1905Sat 11:25Atlanta
801Sat 11:29Detroit
2311Sat 11:30Denver
555Sat 11:35Kansas City
Dallas Love Fld
832 Sat 11:43Houston-IAH
1174Sat 11:45Philadelphia
1905Sat 11:46Charlotte
723Sat 11:46Washington-DCA
199Sat 11:51New York-LGA
5309Sat 11:55Indianapolis
1764Sat 11:59Houston-IAH
1169Sat 12:00Richmond
237Sat 12:03Nassau
27Sat 12:04Newark
803Sat 12:07Cincinnati
341Sat 12:12Minneapolis
2018Sat 12:14Atlanta
2239Sat 12:15Memphis
Sat 12:17Panama City,PA
3999Sat 12:17Raleigh/Durham
1495Sat 12:20Baltimore
3517Sat 12:20Pittsburgh
1586Sat 12:25Chicago-O Hare
1976Sat 12:25Chicago-Midway
676Sat 12:27Denver
2261Sat 12:30Phoenix
1905Sat 12:32Newark
149Sat 12:33Newark
2555Sat 12:34Dallas-Ft. Worth
1671Sat 12:35Philadelphia
3510Sat 12:36Memphis
1004Sat 12:40Havana
1914Sat 12:45Cancun
64Sat 12:47Pensacola
1729Sat 12:49Charlotte
3492Sat 12:50St. Louis
2091Sat 12:55Grand Rapids
395Sat 12:58Westchester
2128Sat 13:00Detroit
2399Sat 13:00Manchester
1228Sat 13:05Toronto
925Sat 13:05New York-LGA
1746Sat 13:05Philadelphia
781Sat 13:09Baltimore
1027Sat 13:10Chicago-O Hare
Los Angeles
980Sat 13:12Mexico City
1714Sat 13:13Minneapolis
182Sat 13:15Pittsburgh
1540Sat 13:16Cancun
1058Sat 13:18Atlanta
1061Sat 13:19Miami
28Sat 13:19Bogota
2119Sat 13:20New Orleans
6567Sat 13:25Milwaukee
206Sat 13:28Chicago-O Hare
1624Sat 13:28Austin
6286Sat 13:30Baltimore
1292Sat 13:30Buffalo
5206Sat 13:30San Juan
565Sat 13:30Atlanta
734Sat 13:33San Juan
4122Sat 13:35Denver
3518Sat 13:35Milwaukee
283Sat 13:35Houston-HOU
1689Sat 13:46New York-JFK
211Sat 13:47Niagara Falls
1872Sat 13:49Washington-DCA
5565Sat 13:50Atlanta
3507Sat 13:50Kansas City
878Sat 13:50Richmond
1527Sat 13:54Newark
2301Sat 13:55Philadelphia
1638Sat 13:55Milwaukee
551Sat 13:56Boston
1862Sat 13:56Toronto
1268Sat 14:00Buffalo
310Sat 14:02Cancun
413Sat 14:09Panama City,PA
2781Sat 14:10Dallas Love Fld
2257Sat 14:10Washington-IAD
897Sat 14:11Atlanta
2247Sat 14:15Rochester,NY
564Sat 14:15Kansas City
Sat 14:15Mexico City
2025Sat 14:17Houston-IAH
1613Sat 14:17Cleveland
6535Sat 14:20Chicago-Midway
6516Sat 14:20San Diego
1784Sat 14:21Bogota
655Sat 14:21Syracuse
1707Sat 14:24Pittsburgh
1684Sat 14:28Dallas-Ft. Worth
6362Sat 14:30Chicago-Midway
2003Sat 14:30Providence
413Sat 14:30Baltimore
1172Sat 14:30Flint
5675Sat 14:30Columbus
2181Sat 14:34New York-LGA
3702Sat 14:35Memphis
927Sat 14:38Chicago-O Hare
127Sat 14:38Newark
691Sat 14:39Charlotte
1031Sat 14:41Charlotte
778Sat 14:42Washington-IAD
208Sat 14:45Denver
6254Sat 14:45Raleigh/Durham
1211Sat 14:49Baltimore
4296Sat 14:50St. Louis
Des Moines
291Sat 14:50Chicago-Midway
6278Sat 14:50Nashville
Sat 14:53London Gatwick
1223Sat 14:54Washington-DCA
2634Sat 14:57New York-JFK
1718Sat 14:57St. Louis
451Sat 14:57Boston
117Sat 14:59Detroit
2604Sat 15:00Manchester UK
1230Sat 15:00Atlanta
4914Sat 15:05Pittsburgh
782Sat 15:07Portland,OR
2464Sat 15:07Miami
87Sat 15:10Ft. Myers
2576Sat 15:15Milwaukee
194Sat 15:15Austin
St. Louis
2517Sat 15:17Detroit
1340Sat 15:20Houston-HOU
Corpus Christi
1669Sat 15:21Detroit
2586Sat 15:23Atlanta
2115Sat 15:25Las Vegas
273Sat 15:25Montego Bay
776Sat 15:27Chicago-O Hare
2056Sat 15:28Raleigh/Durham
70Sat 15:29Key West
121Sat 15:36Marsh Harbour
564Sat 15:42Denver
2037Sat 15:45Denver
1727Sat 15:53Newark
770Sat 15:55Akron/Canton
2414Sat 15:55Providence
1980Sat 15:57Houston-IAH
1748Sat 15:57Philadelphia
1059Sat 16:00Baltimore
2198Sat 16:00Chicago-O Hare
1894Sat 16:00Islip
2899Sat 16:01Cincinnati
6409Sat 16:05Dallas Love Fld
St. Louis
5088Sat 16:10Pittsburgh
1874Sat 16:12Washington-DCA
567Sat 16:13Phoenix
2513Sat 16:15Albany
1040Sat 16:17Halifax
2433Sat 16:20Dallas-Ft. Worth
2172Sat 16:20Atlanta
383Sat 16:22New York-JFK
2974Sat 16:23London Gatwick
2109Sat 16:26New York-JFK
581Sat 16:27Charlotte
Los Angeles
Sat 16:31London Gatwick
1334Sat 16:35San Juan
690Sat 16:35Portland,ME
16Sat 16:37Seattle
4996Sat 16:40Omaha
Las Vegas
756Sat 16:40Hartford
1354Sat 16:43Miami
240Sat 16:45Nassau
Sat 16:49Panama City,PA
449Sat 16:50Kansas City
2550Sat 16:55St. Louis
4133Sat 16:55San Juan
5464Sat 16:55Philadelphia
312Sat 17:00Los Angeles
991Sat 17:01Newark
5217Sat 17:02Cleveland
1416Sat 17:03Calgary
119Sat 17:04Albany
1360Sat 17:05Providence
951Sat 17:10Boston
870Sat 17:11New York-LGA
234Sat 17:13San Francisco
Sat 17:13Manchester UK
2740Sat 17:15Indianapolis
4294Sat 17:15Atlanta
1486Sat 17:15Minneapolis
5354Sat 17:20Buffalo
1110Sat 17:22Atlanta
2579Sat 17:25Salt Lake City
2405Sat 17:25Milwaukee
2283Sat 17:27Washington-DCA
1206Sat 17:29Detroit
50Sat 17:30Eleuthera
4285Sat 17:30Phoenix
6931Sat 17:35Aruba
995Sat 17:36Westchester
7Sat 17:40Baltimore
892Sat 17:41San Juan
279Sat 17:42Houston-IAH
927Sat 17:43Newark
2381Sat 17:45Los Angeles
380Sat 17:51Newark
992Sat 17:51Boston
2189Sat 17:51New York-JFK
180Sat 17:52Omaha
1212Sat 17:54Dallas-Ft. Worth
Sat 17:55Sao Paulo
1673Sat 17:59Philadelphia
1372Sat 18:00San Antonio
Sat 18:00Campinas
279Sat 18:03New York-JFK
1885Sat 18:03Buffalo
Sat 18:05Mexico City
4715Sat 18:05Raleigh/Durham
6418Sat 18:05Chicago-Midway
730Sat 18:05Newark
393Sat 18:06Denver
Sat 18:08San Diego
2903Sat 18:10Cincinnati
298Sat 18:10Atlanta
New Orleans
823Sat 18:14Washington-DCA
2702Sat 18:15Lima
2060Sat 18:15Washington-DCA
4325Sat 18:15Nashville
430Sat 18:16Charlotte
769Sat 18:18Philadelphia
2836Sat 18:22Cardiff International Airport
432Sat 18:22Chicago-O Hare
2098Sat 18:23Atlanta
2447Sat 18:25Miami
2393Sat 18:25Dayton
1061Sat 18:31Los Angeles
2351Sat 18:33Chicago-O Hare
464Sat 18:33Frankfurt
451Sat 18:35Columbus
1110Sat 18:35Buffalo
1741Sat 18:36Washington-DCA
2416Sat 18:37Austin
1948Sat 18:38St. John's
787Sat 18:40Newark
1722Sat 18:43Montego Bay
499Sat 18:45Chicago-Midway
565Sat 18:45Pittsburgh
1502Sat 18:50Edmonton
423Sat 18:51Boston
2800Sat 18:55Providence
1644Sat 18:55Houston-IAH
1977Sat 18:55Rochester,NY
2279Sat 18:55New York-JFK
3780Sat 18:58Raleigh/Durham
899Sat 19:00Detroit
2603Sat 19:00Milwaukee
442Sat 19:05Mexico City
195Sat 19:13Kansas City
933Sat 19:15Chicago-Midway
1958Sat 19:15Grand Rapids
6502Sat 19:15Louisville
83Sat 19:19New York-JFK
558Sat 19:20Phoenix
445Sat 19:29Newburgh/Stewart
1696Sat 19:31San Jose,C.R.
299Sat 19:31New York-LGA
7057Sat 19:35London Gatwick
1669Sat 19:39Atlanta
6215Sat 19:40Indianapolis
1336Sat 19:40Winnipeg
4216Sat 19:40Birmingham
Dallas Love Fld
1733Sat 19:41Charlotte
1224Sat 19:45Baltimore
5346Sat 19:45Buffalo
1864Sat 19:46Toronto
77Sat 19:47Key West
6129Sat 19:50Norfolk
6777Sat 19:50Nashville
Kansas City
904Sat 19:52Dallas-Ft. Worth
1448Sat 19:55Chicago-O Hare
5508Sat 19:55Columbus
1034Sat 19:56San Juan
419Sat 19:57Washington-IAD
303Sat 19:59Atlantic City
121Sat 20:00Dublin
772Sat 20:00Milwaukee
137Sat 20:02Hartford
163Sat 20:05Chicago-Midway
1272Sat 20:07Ottawa
1964Sat 20:08Hamilton
1642Sat 20:08Minneapolis
2219Sat 20:10Dallas Love Fld
199Sat 20:15Atlanta
6359Sat 20:15St. Louis
San Antonio
917Sat 20:16Trenton
1887Sat 20:18Worcester
1747Sat 20:18Washington-IAD
1684Sat 20:20Nashville
2537Sat 20:20San Juan
2434Sat 20:21Dallas-Ft. Worth
546Sat 20:22Minneapolis
349Sat 20:23Minneapolis
2223Sat 20:25Memphis
6230Sat 20:25Baltimore
6461Sat 20:25Pittsburgh
2150Sat 20:28Atlanta
1872Sat 20:33Montreal
1585Sat 20:37New York-LGA
2228Sat 20:41Detroit
434Sat 20:45Newark
279Sat 20:45Nashville
969Sat 20:48Richmond
207Sat 20:50Chicago-Midway
1753Sat 20:55Houston-IAH
5136Sat 20:55Hartford
5625Sat 20:55Kansas City
St. Louis
1465Sat 20:57Chicago-O Hare
727Sat 21:00Baltimore
4823Sat 21:00Las Vegas
6204Sat 21:00New Orleans
159Sat 21:03Newark
292Sat 21:04San Francisco
689Sat 21:05Reykjavik
2128Sat 21:05Albany
1786Sat 21:06Philadelphia
2654Sat 21:10Manchester
1351Sat 21:12Boston
2323Sat 21:13Washington-DCA
2362Sat 21:15Philadelphia
4671Sat 21:15Raleigh/Durham
5437Sat 21:15Milwaukee
8844Sat 21:17Pittsburgh
327Sat 21:18Newark
309Sat 21:19Philadelphia
197Sat 21:24Miami
5416Sat 21:25Dallas Love Fld
639Sat 21:29Chicago-O Hare
2578Sat 21:30Chicago-Midway
Kansas City
1999Sat 21:35New York-LGA
6558Sat 21:35Columbus
1234Sat 21:37San Juan
5003Sat 21:40Houston-HOU
1166Sat 21:41Atlanta
113Sat 21:43Miami
736Sat 21:45Cincinnati
2334Sat 21:45St. Louis
4886Sat 21:45Baltimore
6298Sat 21:45Pittsburgh
1688Sat 21:50Dallas-Ft. Worth
San Diego
6368Sat 21:55Denver
1075Sat 21:57Providence
289Sat 22:00New York-JFK
1876Sat 22:00Washington-DCA
307Sat 22:02Plattsburgh
1120Sat 22:03New York-JFK
1675Sat 22:04Philadelphia
686Sat 22:07Denver
5661Sat 22:10Buffalo
251Sat 22:10Atlanta
4312Sat 22:10Chicago-Midway
8850Sat 22:12Detroit
1946Sat 22:20Los Angeles
1631Sat 22:21Newark
2051Sat 22:21Boston
2599Sat 22:28Dallas-Ft. Worth
1712Sat 22:30Houston-IAH
55Sat 22:30Chicago-O Hare
555Sat 22:33Minneapolis
4940Sat 22:35San Juan
347Sat 22:38Minneapolis
88Sat 22:39Atlanta
9000Sat 22:39Atlanta
1608Sat 22:48Kansas City
747Sat 22:49Charlotte
1750Sat 22:51Colorado Springs
Sat 22:54Panama City,PA
983Sat 22:54New York-JFK
676Sat 22:56Ft Lauderdale
39Sat 22:59Miami
1883Sat 22:59Philadelphia
2786Sat 23:00New York-JFK
1485Sat 23:00New York-LGA
3335Sat 23:00Baltimore
6402Sat 23:00Indianapolis
2671Sat 23:05Nashville
Las Vegas
1405Sat 23:06Detroit
2728Sat 23:15Chicago-Midway
1149Sat 23:19Newark
1997Sat 23:20Salt Lake City
1560Sat 23:20Atlanta
738Sat 23:22Denver
137Sat 23:31Minneapolis
1166Sat 23:33Toronto
929Sat 23:34Chicago-O Hare
2792Sat 23:35Baltimore
1254Sat 23:40Boston
1868Sat 23:46Toronto
1451Sat 23:48Boston
1125Sat 23:50Dallas-Ft. Worth
499Sat 23:55New York-LGA
2012Sat 23:59Charlotte
1137Sun 00:05Milwaukee
5339Sun 00:05Denver
1418Sun 00:14Atlanta
883Sun 00:25New York-JFK
1399Sun 00:25Hartford
1127Sun 00:28Newark
2803Sun 00:31Detroit
2361Sun 00:40Nashville
260Sun 00:45Washington-IAD
1926Sun 00:48Newark
4235Sun 00:55Las Vegas
2428Sun 01:00Phoenix
1180Sun 01:00Chicago-O Hare

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