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Live Flight Updates
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2311Wed 00:00Atlanta
8702Wed 01:25Denver
1264Wed 01:48San Juan
8838Wed 02:26Atlanta
8839Wed 04:25Philadelphia
802Wed 04:33Salt Lake City
678Wed 05:27Denver
1102Wed 06:19Las Vegas
38Wed 06:54Seattle
1101Wed 07:13Charlotte
753Wed 08:07Philadelphia
327Wed 08:21Newark
198Wed 08:27Ft Lauderdale
1633Wed 08:29Atlanta
2652Wed 08:30Pittsburgh
2058Wed 08:37Raleigh/Durham
227Wed 08:54San Juan
1292Wed 09:02Cincinnati
620Wed 09:05Baltimore
67Wed 09:05Ft Lauderdale
151Wed 09:09Boston
657Wed 09:13Miami
899Wed 09:16Detroit
1259Wed 09:17Newark
1239Wed 09:18Boston
2329Wed 09:30Detroit
2751Wed 09:35Detroit
1094Wed 09:35New York-LGA
884Wed 09:37San Juan
1533Wed 09:50Atlanta
2710Wed 09:51Philadelphia
1406Wed 09:53Santo Domingo
317Wed 09:54Indianapolis
1010Wed 09:55Atlanta
737Wed 10:01Hartford
1442Wed 10:06Boston
1065Wed 10:14New York-JFK
3533Wed 10:15Indianapolis
1322Wed 10:16Kansas City
2079Wed 10:16Cleveland
1095Wed 10:17Islip
1575Wed 10:18Atlanta
3240Wed 10:20Ft Lauderdale
4904Wed 10:25San Juan
1155Wed 10:33Chicago-O Hare
2695Wed 10:35Charlotte
1044Wed 10:39Minneapolis
341Wed 10:43Minneapolis
655Wed 10:44Syracuse
246Wed 10:51Boston
1890Wed 10:51Newark
1069Wed 11:04Detroit
283Wed 11:05Ft. Myers
83Wed 11:05New York-JFK
1993Wed 11:05Philadelphia
2443Wed 11:05Providence
1453Wed 11:10Louisville
988Wed 11:10Kansas City
3558Wed 11:20Islip
1043Wed 11:29Cleveland
2164Wed 11:30Birmingham
2327Wed 11:36Newark
1774Wed 11:40Atlanta
2799Wed 11:50Houston-HOU
Corpus Christi
1042Wed 11:50San Juan
1223Wed 12:03Washington-DCA
2770Wed 12:05Columbus
1334Wed 12:07San Juan
1950Wed 12:10Buffalo
3085Wed 12:15Denver
4119Wed 12:15Manchester
75Wed 12:23Key West
375Wed 12:24Chicago-O Hare
2425Wed 12:24Newark
2345Wed 12:26New Orleans
2546Wed 12:40Baltimore
3188Wed 12:40Nashville
2809Wed 12:40Chicago-Midway
343Wed 12:45Minneapolis
1013Wed 12:45Pittsburgh
2076Wed 12:45Minneapolis
2081Wed 12:47Detroit
2674Wed 12:50Charlotte
4994Wed 12:50St. Louis
2420Wed 12:51Atlanta
5023Wed 12:55Dallas Love Fld
1381Wed 13:05Atlanta
3289Wed 13:05Milwaukee
1111Wed 13:05New York-LGA
413Wed 13:06Houston-IAH
782Wed 13:06Chicago-O Hare
1262Wed 13:07Houston-IAH
38Wed 13:10Dallas-Ft. Worth
58Wed 13:18Newark
4874Wed 13:19Cincinnati
2157Wed 13:20Hartford
1019Wed 13:28Raleigh/Durham
471Wed 13:30Memphis
3091Wed 13:35Denver
1938Wed 13:35Albany
2077Wed 13:38Baltimore
1232Wed 13:41New York-LGA
969Wed 13:43Richmond
4686Wed 13:50Raleigh/Durham
927Wed 13:55Newark
2718Wed 13:57Dallas-Ft. Worth
789Wed 14:00New York-JFK
1752Wed 14:03New York-JFK
1633Wed 14:05Baltimore
451Wed 14:07Boston
2157Wed 14:12Minneapolis
1600Wed 14:18Atlanta
708Wed 14:22Cleveland
865Wed 14:25Cancun
1697Wed 14:30Philadelphia
2017Wed 14:34Raleigh/Durham
1617Wed 14:34Philadelphia
4003Wed 14:40San Juan
1163Wed 14:44Philadelphia
1696Wed 14:48San Jose,C.R.
5067Wed 14:50Atlanta
St. Louis
782Wed 14:50Portland,OR
61Wed 15:01Pensacola
1088Wed 15:01Detroit
1237Wed 15:03Houston-IAH
3993Wed 15:15Chicago-Midway
2580Wed 15:15Richmond
1614Wed 15:15Chicago-O Hare
1477Wed 15:18Denver
1095Wed 15:19Philadelphia
1546Wed 15:20Atlanta
542Wed 15:23Los Angeles
149Wed 15:25Newark
1187Wed 15:31Portland,ME
2438Wed 15:35Nashville
2892Wed 15:40Dallas Love Fld
273Wed 15:40Montego Bay
2093Wed 15:44Raleigh/Durham
2516Wed 15:50Houston-HOU
3160Wed 15:50Baltimore
1527Wed 15:59Newark
1472Wed 16:07Dallas-Ft. Worth
1990Wed 16:10Grand Rapids
1127Wed 16:14Milwaukee
303Wed 16:23Atlantic City
1645Wed 16:25New Orleans
1001Wed 16:26New York-JFK
797Wed 16:33Salt Lake City
1947Wed 16:33Nashville
286Wed 16:35Cincinnati
1451Wed 16:39Boston
680Wed 16:44Denver
3010Wed 16:45Orlando
502Wed 16:46Seattle
1065Wed 16:46Cincinnati
2174Wed 16:50Norfolk
618Wed 16:50New Orleans
893Wed 16:52San Juan
4776Wed 16:53Washington-DCA
16Wed 16:55Seattle
1553Wed 16:56Atlanta
579Wed 17:04Dallas-Ft. Worth
2220Wed 17:05St. Louis
4577Wed 17:10Atlanta
Dallas Love Fld
1034Wed 17:13San Juan
3029Wed 17:15Nashville
2077Wed 17:23Minneapolis
311Wed 17:35Houston-IAH
929Wed 17:35Chicago-O Hare
273Wed 17:36Newark
2273Wed 17:45Baltimore
622Wed 17:50Chicago-O Hare
2422Wed 17:55Atlanta
801Wed 17:58Trenton
107Wed 18:00San Juan
198Wed 18:10San Juan
726Wed 18:11Las Vegas
732Wed 18:11Austin
84Wed 18:12New York-JFK
1045Wed 18:12Cleveland
904Wed 18:14Dallas-Ft. Worth
295Wed 18:15Minneapolis
760Wed 18:19New York-JFK
117Wed 18:24Detroit
458Wed 18:25Chicago-Midway
422Wed 18:25Dallas-Ft. Worth
30Wed 18:25Dallas Love Fld
1837Wed 18:26Hartford
758Wed 18:27Bogota
199Wed 18:28San Juan
2197Wed 18:31Charlotte
345Wed 18:38Minneapolis
1555Wed 18:43Phoenix
1683Wed 18:46Denver
1071Wed 19:03Detroit
4192Wed 19:10Denver
1018Wed 19:15Boston
551Wed 19:16Boston
1075Wed 19:17Providence
2070Wed 19:26Detroit
399Wed 19:29New York-LGA
3082Wed 19:30Atlanta
431Wed 19:34Latrobe
1156Wed 19:38Houston-IAH
3262Wed 19:40Philadelphia
Ft Lauderdale
1894Wed 19:40St. Louis
1278Wed 19:42Miami
2268Wed 19:42Washington-IAD
2295Wed 19:53New York-LGA
1526Wed 20:01Charlotte
2427Wed 20:03Newark
2496Wed 20:04Houston-IAH
726Wed 20:05Los Angeles
2791Wed 20:05Dallas-Ft. Worth
1612Wed 20:15Minneapolis
1477Wed 20:16Atlanta
3256Wed 20:30Chicago-Midway
Ft. Myers
3243Wed 20:40San Juan
2522Wed 20:45Nashville
1539Wed 20:50Houston-HOU
1819Wed 20:57Newark
800Wed 21:05Dallas Love Fld
285Wed 21:05Panama City,PA
349Wed 21:18Minneapolis
1354Wed 21:27Los Angeles
1555Wed 21:28Atlanta
2347Wed 21:38Philadelphia
4435Wed 21:50Baltimore
319Wed 22:00Hartford
3949Wed 22:05Chicago-Midway
4967Wed 22:13Key West
135Wed 22:16Minneapolis
901Wed 22:21New York-JFK
2803Wed 22:22Charlotte
1012Wed 22:33Atlanta
1134Wed 22:34San Juan
629Wed 22:44New York-LGA
2699Wed 22:45Denver
Salt Lake City
112Wed 22:53Baltimore
2106Wed 22:54Miami
1954Wed 22:59Houston-IAH
1481Wed 23:07Boston
676Wed 23:09Ft Lauderdale
1427Wed 23:13Minneapolis
259Wed 23:21Denver
1131Wed 23:22Madison
1717Wed 23:35New York-JFK
20Wed 23:41Seattle
1264Wed 23:44San Juan
2016Wed 23:49Dallas-Ft. Worth
1162Wed 23:51Salt Lake City
1212Wed 23:52St. Louis
2117Wed 23:53Detroit
2311Thu 00:02Atlanta
1047Thu 00:08Cleveland
1047Thu 00:08Cleveland
2253Thu 00:15Chicago-Midway
Dallas Love Fld

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